About Reformerware

Reformerware was the idea of a couple of reformed Christian guys (and their supportive wives) who thought people might like products featuring Reformers from different eras. Honestly, it started with a joking, "wouldn't it be neat to have..." and evolved into a more serious idea. After much deliberation and a bunch of ideas, they settled on coffee mugs as a good starting point for Reformerware. Having worked in secular businesses, they saw many instances where products like these would be great conversation starters and witnesses to the continuing legacy of these Christian reformers. So they designed some mugs, had them made, built a website, and made them available for purchase.

As time passed, the original creators of Reformerware moved on to other ventures.  Providentially, the idea continued with a couple of guys (a Reformed Baptist and a Presbyterian) who loved the merchandise so much, they couldn't stomach the idea of Reformerware fading into the wind.  So they bought the mugs and the company from the original owners, ordered some new and updated merchandise, and redesigned the website.

The concept here is simple. We sell mugs and a few other products with pictures of some famous reformers and their quotes. There are just a few simple steps:

  1. If you like these items, you buy them for yourself or for someone else.
  2. You use the products to drink your coffee or tea, wear, or put on your baby.
  3. Repeat if desired.

These are just mugs and shirts and stuff. They won't make you a better Christian. They might generate interesting discussion if you use them at work or use them to serve drinks in your home, but that's about it.

One last note - our product line is pretty small, but every endeavor has to start somewhere. Lord willing, we will be able to add more in the future. If there is anything you'd like to see offered or have any great ideas, feel free to let us know using the contact information below. Thanks!


Email: orders@reformerware.com

Phone: (708) 620-4782